Shared Services Center Automation

Shared Services Center Automation is a great way to ensure the growth of your business. Acting as a catalyst for driving and simplifying your business SSCA enables you to increase productivity, reduce costs, and set a foundation for your company’s evolution.

Consolidates business processes and operations

Shared Services Automation consolidates business processes and operations of various departments in the same company or organization and makes all these processes less time-consuming, more efficient and comfortable for work with the help of cutting-edge technology.

The automated control system

The automated control system enables to build effective and correct interaction between individual and specific tasks that arise in course of project implementation and in cases of emergency situations that might appear in the process of such implementation.

Shared Services Center Automation

Accounting and Financial Activities

Accounting and financial activities: calculating salaries, vacation pay, bonuses, making money transfers and payments, creating current reporting and tax reporting, managing document flow;

Automation of Personnel Services

Automation of personnel services: registration of business trips, vacations, recruitment and professional development, etc.

Hot Lines & Contact Centers

Prompt organization of hot lines and contact centers of the first and second lines

IT Department

Full automation of the IT department.

Connecting All Departments

Connecting Finance, Human Resources, Procurement & other departments will enhance efficient collaboration across organization departments and thus boost business growth.


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