Digital Data Consulting (#DData)

Digital Data Consulting (#DData) – positive team with experience of over 10 years in business automation.
Balance between investment and result is our prime objective.

Fair tasks evaluation, risks prediction and right track selection is our calling


We have collected the best specialists to carry out big projects:

• over 25 000 hours of audit of the customer processes;
• over 40 000 hours of Creatio software products implementation;
• functioning in accordance with the best international practices in project management and client experience;
• internal academy of Creatio, advanced training of young specialists and training of employees of our partners and customers;
• quality control of the services provided.

Why trust us?

Solid experience

10+ years of Creatio products application

Over 20 000 hours

of customer processes audit

Quality assurance

Quality guarantee for services provided

Global best practices

We operate in accordance with the best international project management practices and user experience

Continuous operation with Creatio Academy

To improve the skills of junior specialists and train our partners and employees

Our team of specialists

Victoria Chuchina

Victoria Chuchina


Alex Timoshenko

Alex Timoshenko

Senior business analyst

Bogdan Pomazan

Bogdan Pomazan

Project manager

OLEH Shvachyi

OLEH Shvachyi

Business analyst

ANNA Movchan

ANNA Movchan

Office administrator

Vlad Halapats

Vlad Halapats

certified terrasoft developer

Solovei Daria

Solovei Daria

Business analyst

Vlad sklyarenko

Vlad sklyarenko

certified terrasoft developer

Tatiana varnali

Tatiana varnali

HR Digital transformation evangelist

Our values


an intently developing Ukrainian company striving for leadership in every local market in the region by virtue of created extensive ecosystem of partners

Our Products




Increases staff performance by 20-25%


Allows to reduce the cost of record storage of electronic documents by 80%


Increases information security


Ensures safety of documents and convenience of their storage Human Resources Management System

Human Resources Management System


• 3-D candidate profile
• Job offers management
• Flexible recruitment processes
• Evaluation and decision making
• Two-way integration with job search websites
• HR project management
• Evaluation of candidates based on best practices
• Profile of an applicant


• 360 employee profile
• Flexible onboarding processes
• Management of vacations, business trips, sick leaves
• Tracking expenses and compensation payments
• Adaptive career compass
• Performance and goal management
• Evaluation of employees’ effectiveness
• Monitoring employees’ satisfaction
• HR project management
• Employee profile
• Knowledge database

Platform features

• Advanced business process designer
• Comprehensive analytics with the Drill Down function
• Capacity to filter and segment data
• Communication and recording of meetings
• Accounting and planning of employees’ working time, management of notifications
• Batch integration with telecom, mail, instant messengers
• Tools for collective, parallel and sequential paperwork
• Employee surveys
• Adjustive mobile application

#DData_Doc: Workflow

Unified document storage

• Register any kind of documents in the system.
• Attach a scanned copy of a document for quick and easy access, or generate a document file according to a preconfigured template, automatically filling it with data from the system.
• Keep history of changes and chronology of activities for each document.

Related Documents Management

• Build a hierarchy of subordinate documents according to the classification adopted in the company
• The system allows to store relationships between documents and use them to quickly navigate the documents

Approval of documents

• Use an out-of-the-box business process to approve important documents.
• The system automatically sends notifications to the staff responsible for approvals, as well as the author of the document after receiving them.


More than just project design support.

As a result of our own development, we will find out about your problem before you encounter it and fix it before the user feels discomfort.

Messengers, mail, telephone, carrier pigeon –
we do our best to stay online with our clients!



Creatio technologies have already helped thousands of large and medium-sized companies around the world to optimize and accelerate sales, marketing, service and operational processes.

Creatio Platform advantages


• Easy setup thanks to low-code / no-code
• Does not require involvement of third-party developers and IT resources to create specific applications and processes


• Intuitive, easy to navigate user interface
• Easy integration with other systems in the infrastructure


• Customers can choose between Creatio cloud and on-site deployment


• Simple and transparent pricing structure
• Low TCO and high ROI/ return of investment

Security at all levels


Creatio network is secure using multiple security protocols to prevent unauthorised access


The unique user ID and password, as well as all transmitted data, are encrypted with a 128-bit key, which guarantees data security


Network monitoring systems (firewalls, SIEM, IPS / IDS, etc.) provide resistance to attacks
and constant real time monitoring


An option to set up personal security policies (restricting access by IP, device types, domains, geography, etc.) and control access to the application.


Creatio (formerly Bpm’online) is qualified as Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Automation, 2019



• 360° client profile
• Segmentation
• Lead management
• Scoring
• Trigger campaigns
• Email marketing
• Event management
• Marketing calendar
• Loyalty programs


• Managing long sales
• Order and invoice management
• Field sales management
• Sales planning
• Product and service management
• Contract management
• Docflow management
• Project management


• Omnichannel communications
• Single operator window
• Queue management
• Self-service portal
• Call management
• Knowledge management
• Service catalogue
• Service level management
• ITIL processes


• Business process management
• Case management
• Intelligent technologies
• System designer
• Basic configuration
• Mobile app
• Security and administration
• Application development

Job opportunities

Current vacancies



• Опыт управления IT-проектами не менее 2-х лет (будет плюсом управление портфелем из 3-5 IT-проектов одновременно).
• Успешный опыт управления клиентом и проектной командой.
• Знание технологий и трендов IT-индустрии.
• Глубокие знания и умение применять на практике waterfall и AGILE методологии внедрения/разработки IT-проектов.
• Навыки работы с профессиональным ПО для управления проектами и моделирования бизнес-процессов на уровне продвинутого пользователя.
• Знания распространенных нотаций описания бизнес-процессов – желательно

Опыт работы с продуктам Terrasoft (bpm’online/Creatio) будем большим плюсом

Функциональные обязанности:
• Управление проектами внедрения программных продуктов на платформе Creatio.
• Составление предварительного плана внедрения проекта.
• Формирование календарного плана проекта, актуализация и контроль его выполнения как со стороны проектной команды, так и со стороны заказчика.
• Выполнение предписаний методологии AGILE.
• Регулярная отчетность перед заказчиком о текущем прогрессе и достигнутых результатах в ходе проекта, обсуждение проблемных вопросов.
• Своевременное и оперативное сопровождение ключевых точек проекта формальной документацией.
• Постановка задач, управление приоритетами и контроль выполнения проектных задач экспертами проектной команды.
• Управление рисками и разрешение конфликтов.
• Формирование у заказчика четкого понимания взаимосвязи функционала продуктовой линейки Creatio и проектных работ с ожидаемыми бизнес-результатами.
• Обеспечение согласованных с заказчиком сроков реализации проекта.

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