Enterprise resource planning

Enterprise resource planning is an Enterprise’s strategy of end-to-end integration of operations and manufacture, workforce, finance, assets, supply chains, stocks and all other resources. The Strategy is designed and aimed to continuously improve assets usage, to efficiently implement operation control and to balance all resources in day to day operations.

The main value of ERP-strategy

The main value of ERP-strategy is unification of transactions through all Enterprise’s operations and business processes, independent of business units, geography and functionality. Usually ERP-strategy covers all operational business processes including, but not limited to finance, stocks, supply chains, procurement, manufacture planning, equipment maintenance, HR, requirements, management, assets life-cycle etc.

What does the ERP-system provide for your company?

Increased cost-efficiency

Centralized common database for all operations

Improved collaboration

Advanced analytics

Simplified compliance and risk management

Enhanced productivity

Improved Production Planning and Resource Management

The importance of ERP

The importance of ERP absolutely outweighs the initial cost, time and effort involved in its implementation especially for fast growing companies, enterprises with complicated manufacturing processes and with strict external regulatory requirements e. g. SOX compliance, etc.

Connecting All Departments

Connecting Finance, Human Resources, Procurement & other departments will enhance efficient collaboration across organization departments and thus boost business growth.


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